Important Information – Day of the Event Details

Greetings, Pet Lovers of La Jolla! 

We are one day away from our Inaugural La Jolla Mutt Strut, and I can feel the excitement in the air!! The weather is gonna be gorgeous and the dogs are always amazing – what else is there to wish for? 

A couple of important reminders: 

1. Dogs must stay on a leash the entire time. 

2. You are responsible for picking up after your dog. 

3. Pets, like people, sometimes have good days and sometimes not so good days. If you feel your pet is getting overstimulated or tired, please step away and give your pet some space and a little break. Remember, you are responsible for any bites or scratches by your pets on other pets or humansAlways pay close attention to your pet – nobody knows them better than you do! We really count on you being an attentive and responsible pet parent. 

3. Make sure you have signed our liability waiver if you are planning to attend the event. All who bought Single or Family tickets have already successfully registered their dogs and signed the waivers during the process. Those who sponsored the event must register their pets and sign the waiver to claim the free tickets that were included in your sponsorship. Please review your Sponsorship Thank You Email for details. This is a sold-out event and all dogs and their humans must be registered and be on the list in order to attend. Please respond to this email if you have any questions about this very important clause. I’m happy to answer any additional questions. 

And now let’s talk about the SCHEDULE:

9 am – Arrive at La Jolla High School, and look for our Registration table off Draper and Westbourne. This is where the START of the walk will be.

You will receive your wrist band(s), bandanas for your dog(s), and your goodie bag (1 per family). All walkers will be walking at their own pace, and start times will be spaced out to prevent overcrowding. We aren’t closing streets, so please make sure to have plenty of space between you and other dogs on sidewalks. 

We’ll be wrapping up our registration desk at about 9:30 am so please don’t be too late. 

FINISH LINE is at the Rec Center. Please use the entrance off Prospect St. You’ll have to loop around the rec center and enter it thru the gate by the grassy area. We really don’t want you to walk thru the Playgrounds even though it’s a shortcut. We aren’t closing off that space and it’ll be full of kids. We’ve got Basketball courts and the green grassy area inside and outside the Rec Center to our exclusive use. There will be another registration desk and snacks and water under the big tree at that entrance. And we’ll have a FINISH sign setup for your cute photos! 

The official opening of the Dog Party is 10 am, but you can come inside and browse at any time before that – anyone with a wristband and only dogs with bandanas will be allowed to enter after 9 am. 

Inside the Rec Center we’ll have:

1. Rescues with pets available for adoption

2. Puppuccino station

3. Pet Psychic

4. Paw-dicures station 

5. Silent Auction

6. Pet Supplies Drive

7. Dog Breeds Scavenger Hunt

8. Crafts for Rescue Dogs (we’ll be making dog beds, decorating water bowls, and drawing creative designs on bandanas for those doggies – all crafts will be donated to the rescues)

TIMED EVENTS that you don’t want to miss:

10:05 – 10:20 – DOG YOGA

10:20 – 10:40 – PET TRICK CLASS


Pet contests, dog yoga, and pet trick class will have sign-up sheets. Registration will be limited so that we maintain the quality of those events. Anyone is welcome to watch. 

There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place custom engraved trophies awarded in the following categories: 

Best Bark

Best Kisser

Best Trick

Best Strut

Highest Jump

Pet-Owner Look-Alike

Best Dressed

Best Hair

Smallest Dog

Biggest Dog

The event closes at 12 noon. We hope to see some happy four-legged and two-legged guests. And please save my cell number if you have ANY questions about anything at all: 214-235-5301.

This is our first-ever dog event run by the students of La Jolla High School and their moms and dads. Please help us succeed, and we’ll do this every year!! 

Really looking forward to seeing all of you soon!! 

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